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I watched Chang’s work for 30 years, visited his studio many times and saw his work develop in complexity and sophistication.Recent work demonstrated a shift to more rigorous, minimal forms, with sculpture again coming to the fore.Part Chinese but British born, his oriental ancestry is evident in his innate love of decoration and pattern, and his handling of exuberant colour and exotic shape. After a first degree in art and graphic design at Liverpool from 1963-66, he left for Paris to study printmaking at the famous Hayter Printmaking Atelier, followed by a postgraduate degree in sculpture and printmaking at The Slade, University College, London.It was all a far cry from his modest, even humble beginnings.

In the 1970s living in his home town of Liverpool, much of it was obtained from shops in Liverpool’s Chinatown.He never used much in the way of machinery, believing he had more control with the hand, using planes, rasps, needle files, sandpaper and polish.However, his technique of building up layers of resin and, over the years, before masks were common, breathing in the fumes, did badly damage his lungs, a tragic price for such fabulous work.He is survived by his wife, the artist Barbara Santos Shaw, his sons Leo Santos Shaw, artist and lecturer, and Louis Chang, creative director.CLARE HENRY Readers’ comments: You are personally liable for the content of any comments you upload to this website, so please act responsibly.

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Chang used plastic because he wanted something that would reflect the age we live in, and additionally was throwaway. Plastic is anonymous and could be moulded, modelled, sculpted into surreal objects of Medici splendour, Tiffany elegance or crazy frivolity.

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