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I won’t say which church, suffice to say that it would be pretty ironic if they taught about CBT guidelines too, but I digress.

One of the more curious guidelines was that for an ideal couple, a girl should date a guy 3-7 years older than her.

Spend time to invest in the relationship, do nice unexpected things for each other, keep dating each other even if it’s your 10 years or 20 years or 30 years anniversary being together.

Keep the spark alive, do something naughty or nice once in a while, nobody says monogamy has to be monotonous.

And guess what, they’re actually getting along pretty well!

A few have told me some “horror stories” and that things aren’t always a bed of roses.

Anyway this new development got me thinking again about the whole age difference issue in dating. It’s easy to see why younger women date those silver foxes.) or in terms of maturity, or whatever, the list can go on.And yes, I do mean all of these things, but also more than that.I’ve managed to match-make three couples of which the guy is a couple of years younger than the girl, and know 4 other couples, of which 2 are married with kids.In Chinese, there is a term describing this phenomenon of guys dating older ladies: The (姐弟恋).

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