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It looks like it's mostly business men." Tom nodded, not adding it was mostly tired white businessmen."If she's an amateur she wouldn't be any real competition," he told her, nodding at the empty stage, "Your tits are better." "And now," the DJ's voice paused melodramatically, "Let's welcome last month's winner, Missy!"We're just here to check the place out," she said, mostly to herself, though Tom nodded his agreement. Ann did not seem aware of the attention, as she eyed the larger, more explicit photos high on the walls of the big entry hall.He was trying not to stare at the revealing photos advertising the various dancers within. A man in an expensive white suit came up, clapping a hand on Tom's shoulder and deftly slipping his other arm around Ann's waist, moving between the obvious couple.Characters: (Descriptions are left up to the artist) Ann- The wife, has an amazing body worthy of a porn star. The upright living V of a bouncer is visible at the edge of the photo, the upper and lower borders advertising 'Amateur Contest, Every Wednesday Night. She knew things had been tight, but last week there had been 0 in their checking account. I guess a degree in modern dance wasn't the smartest choice," she looked at the ad again, "The only thing I could do is work at the local strip club... " Tom recognized the tone in her voice, "It says right here... The winner gets 0." "Bullshit," Tom scoffed, "Let me see that." He looked at the ad. "That would pay the rent, but I don't think I could dance nude." Ann shivered at the thought.Win 0.' "I hope you find something interesting in there," her husband said, setting his pencil on the check register, "It's the last paper we'll be able to buy for awhile... "This credit card payment and the electrical bill wiped us out." He reached for the Classifieds section, "If I don't find a job soon, we're in real trouble." Ann looked at the ad again. He visited three or four businesses a day, jobs he was grossly overqualified to do, jobs that paid minimum wage, part time jobs... They're hiring dancers." "Right," her husband rolled his eyes, "That's so funny." Suddenly Ann was angry. "I know." Ann's eyes narrowed angrily at her husband's unintended sleight. Ann hated to admit that she was nervous, but she was holding her husband's hand very tightly.You are astonishing." "I don't know," Ann demurred. "She's never done anything like this before," Tom said, "We saw your ad, and thought we'd check the place out, first." "Of course," the owner smiled broadly, as if that was the most natural thing in the world, "And I'm sure you'll be quite impressed... the best service, the best food, the best beer and booze...

The display behind him advertised the amateur night and the 0 prize. 'Damn, look at the body on that slut,' he whispered into the microphone he wore. *** Tom and Ann paused inside the smoked glass front door, looking around. He was proud of how sexy and beautiful his wife was.

" The blonde flounced through the curtain, waving and blowing kisses at the crowd which was cheering. " Tom scoffed, "Her ass is flabby." Ann shrugged, watching the woman moving along the stage. " the owner stared just a moment too long at Ann's cleavage, making sure she noticed, then turned and smiled at Tom, almost as if he was asking Tom if he had given Ann permission. It certainly isn't like the men are groping the girls...

"Maybe, but the men are throwing money at her," she pointed out to her husband. Missy had easily three times the money Samantha had brought in, and the first song was not close to being done. Girls working classy joints, can make thousands in a weekend," he said, trying to estimate how much the voluptuous dancer had made already. She sat up, angry at the suggestion she was not the one who got to decide. it isn't bad." "Great," the owner smiled broadly, offering Ann an elbow, "Let me show you to the back...

"At least it's clean," he paused, "Looks like a decent enough place." The only strip joints he had ever been toa couple bachelor partieshad been real shit holes. Like the inside bouncer, he had been alerted to a particularly tasty visitor by Jacen's statement.

Behind the couple, the next group entering held the door wide enough for the club owner to see Jacen looking inside.

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