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The truth was I found that I really enjoyed seeing my little boy in a cute little dress playing with Barbie Dolls!

By four in the afternoon the kids were in the TV room watching Sponge Bob and all three of them were still in the princess dresses and the dresses stayed on until after dinner when it was time for baths and getting ready for bed.

So about a year ago when Curtis had just turned six (he's seven now) we went to visit a friend of mine with two daughters about Curtis' age who had just recently become a single mother due to a divorce with her deadbeat husband.

We visited for one week and Curtis was perfectly happy and comfortable having two girls to play with.

On the second day we were there the girls dressed him as a princess and I could not believe how adorable he was in that pink little princess dress!

He had the cutest shy little smile on his face as he and the girls came out to show off his 'new outfit'.

The girls brought him outside and three of them went dancing twirling and running all over the front and back yards of the house and Curtis was perfectly happy to be running around outside in a dress.Next he tried on several dresses and he really loved twirling about the room in them and looking at himself in the mirror and after about forty five minutes of trying different dresses on he settled on a cute little sundress that had pastel stripes in plaid patterns all over it and tied in bows at the shoulders with thin straps and had a sash sewn into the middle that tied into a bow in the back.He danced and twirled about and admired himself in the mirror and then I put a pink barrette in his hair and he looked at himself in the full length mirror and held the dresses skirt out and turned around a few times seeing how he looked from all angles and his eyes were sparkling the entire time. " We all cheered when he said this and then we finished getting ourselves ready and soon we were out the door and into my friend’s car and on our way to the Children's museum. He was so natural and comfortable in the dress and as far as I could tell no one at the museum suspected anything.I'm sure the girls won't mind lending a dress to him for the day." The girls thought this was a great idea and they started taking dresses out of their closet that he could wear and soon Curtis was overwhelmed with choices of dresses that he could wear but before he tried any of them on I said that he needed to have appropriate underwear if he was going to wear a dress and I took his Spider-man underpants off of him and looked in the girls’ underwear drawer for some panties.Curtis is such a sweet and innocent little boy that he didn't really care that the girls were seeing him naked, he just stood there and waited for me to get him some underwear and I just couldn't help myself, I chose a pair of bright pink panties that had a little white bow in the front and I held them up and said, "I think these will be nice for you" and I helped Curtis put them on and we all noticed how he ran his hands all over the panties and touched the little bow with his thin finger.

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