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The only thing Justin relented on was the house, and most of the possessions in the house.

To him it was a deal since it all the stuff in the house reminded him of his ex wife, and it was now something to be forgotten.

The week Justin spent moving in he met his new neighbor.

Justin was more than happy to accept George’s constant invitations for dinner as they both seemed like they could use the companionship.

The steeple still had the cross on top of it, but the siding, shingles, and paint was all in need of repair.

Justin pulled into his new driveway and stared at his new life as it began to finally sink in.

It was away from the world and far away from the problems of the past.

Justin was so excited with the pictures online, that he purchased it through a broker without ever having seen it.

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In the following weeks, he and George would soon become fast friends.

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