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I love that that’s the “controversial” perspective on the matter.

Danaher hopped on the phone for a Q&A with Pando Daily, and we covered everything from why he personally cares about sex robots to whether prostitutes are going to be out of a job soon. I’m interested in emerging technologies and their ethical and legal implications.

They operate haptic technology online, where you can transmit touch or sensation over the Internet using different sensors.

They’re trying to secure funding for devices that allow sex long distance.

The most common reaction amongst people I talk to on a daily basis is similar to your own. There is a lot out there that people aren’t aware of. One is that there’s a lot more ways the Internet and all different software and hardware are being leveraged by the sex industry.

One of the most interesting recent developments was Fri Xion.

I’m projecting into the future too — if the technology develops in certain ways it’s a possibility. The sex robots [in existence] are crude and unsophisticated, but you see other developments in robots that if they converged it could make for an impressive sex robot.

There’s developments in human impression robots, like humanoid robots that dance.

A philosophy and ethics lecturer with a , Danaher was brought into the discussion after penning an article for the Journal of Evolution and Technology, arguing an unusual view among the niche world of academics debating sex robots: That such robots would not, in fact, manage to displace prostitutes.

Their robots don’t look like human beings, but there’s also people developing technology on touch so it would feel more like a human.

The SHIRI robot is a pair of buttocks that have inflatable muscles to make it feel like real human muscle tissue underneath. So you’ve got movement and touch and then obviously artificial intelligence — there’s lots of developments in that too.

The makers of Roxxxy, one of the things they advertise it for is people who want to try out having threesomes in a safe environment.

PD: In your article debating whether sex workers are vulnerable to technological unemployment, you wrote that we “must acknowledge” the possibility that humans could come to feel emotions for sex robots at some point. This is the weakest link in that chain of the argument [that sex robots could replace prostitutes].

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The head of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies in the UK was compiling a symposium on technological unemployment, and I happened to think there was an interesting overlap on sex work and technological unemployment.

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