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The most dramatic action is caught on camera in stressful moments where Dallas' focus is split; when he's in control, he's collected and on-brand.

Girls come out in droves for the chance to meet (and greet!The Martian surface appears extra-conducive to such rumours, apparently in part because it is strewn with rocks that sometimes look eerily like things on back on Earth.It seems to be a result of an effect called pareidolia, which is amplified by the strange and empty space that is seen in so many of the pictures sent back from Mars."Executive producer: Cameron Dallas."This is ) have mined some surprisingly smart drama of the personal and business varieties out of Dallas and his friend's lives on the road, as well as some less-flattering footage of Dallas himself.There's enough there to make for an incredibly compelling docu-series about how one disastrous tour reveals the limits of social media fame.

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