I want chat with aunty

My penis grew to its full erection at the very thought. In that position I could see her but she couldn't see my eyes.

She turned towards me and put her leg on mine and her hand on my shorts. They were actually moving to Bombay so that it would suit her husband better. Believe me, we'll not be just sharing our bodies but we'll be sharing our hearts too.

Unlike most of my friends I had recently turned 18 years of age and to my growing concerns I was still a virgin, I'd been with a few girls and had many a kiss, fumble and a finger but not actually "Done it".

Then she again put her leg and hand over me and this time her breasts were touching my arm. I held her breasts from behind and started kissing her neck while trying to poke at her ass through the saree.

I thought I would watch the tv lying down but next moment I was asleep.

I looked at my watch and I realized I was asleep only for fifteen minutes. Then I lifted the right side of my short and let the penis come out from the leg of the short. She came in casually and just stood there staring at my penis.

Then she held my penis between her index and middle finger and let the rest of the fingers move inside. At the same time I moved my legs such that the short slightly went down and half of my buttock was out. My heart must have beat over a 1000 times in those ten minutes. The next day, I went to her flat to find that the door was open. With just my t-shirt on, I went to find her in the kitchen.

I didn't want to look too obvious so I turned over on my stomach in a bid to tease her. We wanted to prolong but were afraid her daughter might come. I went for dinner and she behaved as if nothing happened.

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When mum suggested we go to Whitby for holidays I was already excited as summer time means ladies wear less cloths, and Whitby meant Aunty Carol, so Aunty Carol in less clothes was such an exciting image for me to hold and maybe I'd get to see mum in a bikini too and be with mum without dad being around, however mum had to cover for a lady at work and it was decided that she would take me and Gill up there, stay the weekend and pick us back up two weeks later.

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