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Don't worry, this process doesn't require more than your utility bills and some basic math.First, check out your utility bills to see how much energy you usually consume. At 900 k Wh each month, you're burning 30 k Wh each day. If I use 30 k Wh in a day, and there's five hours of sunlight, then I need 6 k W worth of panels to match all of my usage.thin-film.Hopefully, these links will address your questions.If anything you need to know isn't covered, feel free to surf over to our community page and ask an expert solar installer.You'll also support a growing industry, and in doing so, help contribute to the worldwide adoption of this wonderful new energy source.Further Reading: Throughout the guide, I'll be providing links to articles from Solar's learning center.

Since your system will help produce green power for the grid, and reduce the overall strain on the utility company, they'll buy it from you at a huge premium.The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has an excellent insolation map. Though crystalline modules are more popular, thin-film is gaining a strong foothold in the market due to its ease of use.The two biggest advantages of thin-film are cost and convenience, since installation is as simple as slapping the module onto a smooth surface.Because you're still on the grid, you'll still have power on cloudy days. These are the parts of a grid-tie system, in order: 1.Solar Modules (aka PV Panels) collect energy from the sun and turn it into direct current. Power Inverter turns the DC from the panels into AC that your appliances can use. PV Disconnect lets you cut off power so that you can work on the system without electrocuting yourself. Your home's breaker box is where the solar energy connects to your house. Net meter connects your house to the grid, measuring how much power you take from - or give to - the power grid at large.

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