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is one that can tell you if the person is who she says she is, and if she has a criminal history.

Read That Profile Another way to spot a fake is to really check out their profile.

A Singles’ Dating Convention member sent this to me: “I’ve recently joined a different singles’ site and am running into the same issue I’ve had with the previous ones I’ve been involved in.

It seems that somehow my profile targets only those that are looking for money, or are spam. For example, the other night I got a message from a lady on Plenty Of and responded to her and then she quickly responded giving me her Yahoo screen name to IM her.

If a single you’ve contacted can’t answer basic questions, just gives you one or two-word answers, or gets angry that you’ve questioned if they’re legitimate or not, then move on.

They are relentless marketers, as this is a job for them.

Do report a fake profile to your online dating service, it’s at least a step in the right direction—you’ll be helping out by not letting the next guy or girl be faked out.

If a lot of their profile says, “ask me,” or says very little at all, it’s probably a fake.

My thought is that they like the initial message, but lose interest after viewing my profile. Main pic should be a close up of you looking into the camera without a hat. The main pic is too far away, you really need a good head shot. Fill in your name, so it says "About Johnny" instead of "About Me". But then again, if that kind of joke pushes someone away, that may not be a person that I want to meet anyway. For now I'll switch my main photo to the umbrella as that seems to be a favorite so far. That, of course will prompt people to look at your profile.

I understand that not everyone is going to respond, but I've only had 1 response out of about 30-40 messages. The snow pic would be great if only it were in focus! These pics are all decent but you really need a new head shot for your main. Overall it's pretty good, certainly a lot better than most we see on here! 1 in 30 responses is not unusual in your age group........ I would assume that anytime you send a message that is read the person will look at your profile.

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It’s a numbers game and they have tons of fake profiles all over the Internet to be worrying about.

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