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I'd try to teach myself the latter to forget they even exist, except they won't shut up about themselves for more than three seconds. Beyond his legendary fashion sense, the former coach of the Boston Bruins is in many ways like the Bill O'Reilly of the hockey world: he's loud, opinionated (and unmoving), a blatant nationalist, extremely controversial, has die-hard fans who cling to his every word, and his "Coach's Corner" segment makes a killer drinking game. via pbs.Honestly it wouldn't surprise me if she wound up dumping him due to "inability to communicate" while his mouth is wired shut. (Note: I take no responsibility for any deaths from attempting to play this game). That or because she can't date someone who isn't taller than her (both are listed as 5'11" tall). Sidney Crosby's Ego quickly stepped in and quelled those rumors however. Me, the moment tickets become available for the California Classic, 2014.via forums.While this has me about 50 different kinds of excited, it got the internets abuzz as well with discussions on everything ranging from the ability of California to even host the game climate-wise (news flash: thanks to improved ice technology, it has been able to for years now), to the idea that the NHL is killing the outdoor-game allure and spectacle (it is), to the possibility of a throwback jersey, like the annual Winter Classic usually does.

Twitter user @Bucky Hermit is a great follow for nearly anything to do with the Ducks, but probably my favorite thing above all else are his "facts" about the Ducks that he shares most frequently following Ducks goals (though on rare occasions after other key events).

Welcome back to another edition of The Best of Twitter, where I bring you the best snippets of information on the internet that are less than 140 characters in length... This week has largely been dominated by a few interesting headlines.

First off, the NHL has reportedly booked Dodger Stadium on January 25, 2014, and the popular rumor is that the facility will play host to an outdoor game between the LA Kings and our very own Anaheim Ducks.

He didn't expect Tyler Seguin to become a friend (that pushy asshole), Jon Toews to have a sense of humor (stop judging everybody) and he definitely didn't expect his opinion on Claude Giroux to change (That last one shouldn't have even been possible).

The first time Sidney Crosby visited his soulmate, he was five years old and it was raining in Cole Harbor.

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There were a couple great ones this week: And play the solo from "Sweet Child of Mine" perfectly before doing it too.

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