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When asked if he had ever heard of anyone dying from a stingray barb, Matthew Hurley, general manager of Quicksilver Group, whose company has taken tours to Low Isles for 26 years, said: "No, definitely not."We've never heard of or been involved with anything like that." Ross Coleman, acting director at at University of Sydney Institute of Marine Science, told au it was "quite rare" for someone to die from contact with a stingray and he couldn't recall hearing of another incident. "As a recreational diving instructor you hear of people getting injured by standing on them ...But he said although Mr Irwin got into plenty of "close shaves" with his antics involving various dangerous animals over the years, his star charge never feared death.Mr Stainton admitted he "always" feared that this day would come during their 20-year association. "(But) nothing would ever scare Steve or would worry him."He said 'I might just go off and shoot some segments for Bindi's show, just stuff on the reef and little animals'."I just said fine, anything that would keep him moving and keep his adrenalin going.He said Mr Irwin's party asked him to alert authorities to the medical emergency.

"Everyone tried absolutely tirelessly to revive him to keep him alive, we cut dinghies loose and made it post haste to Low Isle where we knew the chopper would be able to get in, but I think it's possible he probably died at 11am." Stingray deaths 'quite rare' Irwin's death was one of only a handful of known stingray deaths in Australian waters.

but they rarely die." A professional scuba diver who raised the alarm about Irwin's tragic accident said he may still have been alive when he was taken from the water.

Professional diver Pete West was on board a boat close to scene of the attack when it happened.

It was usually on a Saturday afternoon when Steve needed something and got caught short. "I think the zoo will go on," said Mr Dalrymple, who also owns the local Beerwah Motel. "You will never ever find a guy with more passion about the environment or the conservation of wildlife.

He put Australia on the world map and did the same for Queensland and the Sunshine Coast.'' 'Nothing would ever scare Steve' Irwin's manager John Stainton admitted he always feared that Steve Irwin would meet his "demise" while working with the wildlife he loved.

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"I managed an irrigation business in Beerwah and had occasions where I served Steve personally. Mr De Deyne said he had first met Irwin in 1985 in a restaurant in Coloundra.

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