Updating lyx

The download included basic-miktex, jabref (bibtex editor).

Almost immediately, menu says: Ly X Setup: Now the installer of the La Te X-distribution “Mik Te X” will be launched.

I’ll accept the default now, and then see what happens. I’m doing this in a place where the firewall allows http traffic, but it might block other download types that the system tries. While I wait, I’d mention that I’ve wrestled with the Ly X install in Windows many times and on our remote desktop servers, we experienced the same problem.

Now the Mi KTe X install window appears and it is doing a lot of work. Every time a new user tries to use Ly X for the first time, there is a super long delay, as long as 40 minutes, before Ly X works.

Say yes to proceed License prompt: agree Install for anyone using this computer Destination Folder.

I get rid of all spaces where possible C:\Program Files\Ly X-2.0 Select Components.

Popup window says: Mi KTe X Update Wizard has stopped working.

The Details indicate: Problem Signature Problem Event name APPCRASH Application Name miktex-update_Application Version: 2.9.4745.0 Application Timestamp: 50dd63c1 OS Version 6.1.7600. I’ve seen APPCRASH from Ly X before, it is one of the Windows problems.

The problem was that a flaw in Windows or Mik Te X or Ly X caused the popup permission window to fail, and so Ly X would hang.

So I’m following their guide to see if their way works. I accepted the Mik Te X conditions, it asks where to Install Mik Te X.

I’m going to get rid of the space: C:\Program Files\Mi KTe X Now the problem.

But the Ly X users are not administrators, so when Ly X needs a package, it can’t get it.

One solution would be to install all Mi KTe X packages with the Mi KTe X installer.

Search for updating lyx:

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Ly X is a fully fuctional WYSIWYM (what you see is what you mean) frontend for La Te X wnich allows users with no programming knowledge to get the full benefits of La Te X.

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