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It's only usually used for larger businesses that need dedicated high speed internet access.

With this information, we'll be able to help you find a suitable ISP faster.If yourbroadband doesn't give a mention to ports then there are things that could be going on: - you are connected directly to the exchange (most likely)or- you are on a RIM with no DSLAM attached (or in other words ..not ADSL enabled) (rare) With your DA number, you can cross reference it with the Telstra Wholesale documents to see port availability, if you're on a RIM (and then if you have been upgraded with a Top Hat) and so on ..The best broadband choice for a person is the plan that gives the best balance between cost, speed, download quota and added features for that person.If you have an idea of what you require from a service provider, the Broadband Choice Plan Finder provides an 'as current as possible' range of plans that may suit.

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Since the start of 2004 many providers have been rolling out their own DSLAM hardware into exchanges.

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