Warren beatty dating is ashley roberts dating dec donnelly

Cher was just 16, soon to meet Sonny Bono and sing backup on hits like "Be My Baby." Beatty, 25, was dating Natalie Wood, his co-star in "Splendor in the Grass." As Cher tells it, her hook-up with Beatty happened for the wrong reasons. She knocked on Morrison's hotel room door during a Doors/Airplane tour in 1968, and minutes later they were fooling around with a plate of strawberries. using food as erotic lubricant; it was more like kindergarten play.") Grace remembers the Lizard King as "surprisingly gentle" and observes that "the most maniacal guys on stage can be such sublime lovers." Afterward, she told him she'd return only if asked.

So, for me, I felt there's no reason for you to do that again."Slick was "the perpetrator," according to her 1999 memoir.

So, for me, I felt there's no reason for you to do that again.""Cher was just a teenager when she hooked up with one of Hollywood's hottest leading men, and the next day they went their separate ways. "I did it because my girlfriends were crazy about him and so was my mother…" she told Playboy in 1988. "He smiled, but never asked."Simon had carnal knowledge of Nicholson one night in 1970 after meeting him at a mutual friend's apartment.

On April 22 1968 he wrote to film critic and friend Peter Harcourt: "I've caught glimpses of Julie.

She's very much hooked up to Warren Beatty these days and I am not at all sure that this is really very good for her future.

The South African surgeon dated Sophia Loren and bragged about a night he spent with Gina Lollobrigida, claiming that she drove him back to his hotel wearing nothing but a mink coat. Decades later, the Italian sex symbol said simply: "I hate that man."Pearl made no bones about her one-night conquests (her go-to pickup line: "Hiya, honey").

After hooking up with Jets quarterback Joe Namath in 1969, she urged a friend to call publisher Jann Wenner.

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