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"I'd find myself looking at him going, 'You write all that stuff? '"It wasn't long before Black and Hartman realized they were attracted to each other in every way.

"I knew intuitively that she could be trusted with my heart and my life," Black says. Now, with their 25th wedding anniversary fast approaching, Black reveals that Hartman helped him navigate parts of his life that he never anticipated.

She does the same double duty now on Knots Landing for a hefty ,000 a week.

Currently on location in Israel for The Bride, a movie in which she stars as a Czech girl forced to marry during World War II, Lisa is just beginning to adjust to the breakup of her four-year relationship with actor Barry Bostwick.

Says Lisa, “We’ve always been very complimentary and supportive of each other.” To her new house she will bring another house—the one for dolls that Barry gave her in 1980 for their first Christmas together.But it did bring Lisa to Los Angeles, where she began a series of TV guest appearances and “a very nice romance” of one and a half years with Barry.Two years after arriving she was signed to a starring role on ABC’s Tabitha, a spin-off of Bewitched. Since then she has become a familiar face on television, with many guest shots, four TV movies, and—perhaps her best part yet—a role in the 1981 TV miniseries Valley of the Dolls in which she got to sing as Well as act.It's not natural for anybody.""How am I going to stand here and be a pleasant guy when on the inside I'm freaking out? Then his manager introduced Lisa Hartman, and the chaos temporarily subsided.She was strikingly beautiful, and Black couldn't help but lock eyes with her. "Anyone would be taken by her looks but she was a really, really pleasant person and I didn't know her from Eve. All I knew was that she was a TV actress," he says. "Once I met him and got to know him and then started learning about his music and all of that, and his poetry, I had to kind of forget about it when I was around him," she has said.

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